How We Can Help

Business Consulting and Integrated Marketing

Having an analysis performed by a business consultant from outside the company provides a “fresh” perspective that can help take a company to that next level in its evolution. Clarity Media Solutions is a business consulting and interactive marketing agency with offices in Minneapolis, Albuquerque and Tampa. Celebrating over 20 years in business, we offer the best in business analysis, development, technology, and online marketing solutions.

We can help you:

  • Develop a strategy to grow your market share and improve efficiency
  • Identify technologies to grow your business by improving productivity and lowering the associated overhead
  • Identify processes to support the company’s goals and improve ROI
  • Develop and implement an Integrated marketing strategy to expand your company’s market share and grow revenue

Business Analysis, Strategy and Technology

Business intelligence and efficiency are critical to any company’s success in modern hyper-competitive markets. But, it’s easy for any company to become mired in the details of their own processes and lose sight of the “big picture.” Having a fresh perspective is often the key to identifying opportunities and moving the company forward. We do this using a data-driven iterative process that includes:

  • Spending the time to get to know and understand your company’s goals and challenges
  • Reviewing the existing metrics or, if needed, implementing a metrics package for tracking and reporting the business’ critical data
  • Reviewing the core processes for opportunities to improve and automate
  • Developing integrated business and marketing strategies
  • Identifying the technologies that could be implemented to improve productivity while reducing overhead (both on and off-line)
  • Directing and/or assisting in the design, development and deployment of the recommended solutions
  • Then monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and adjusting the strategy and tactics accordingly in a process of continuous improvement