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If your company's website is not being actively managed,
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Website Management

Most companies spend a considerable amount of money constructing a website that will effectively represent them online and convert users to customers or clients.  Building and managing effective company websites is an iterative process, meaning that effective sites are not simply built, put on a web server and forgotten.  Effective websites are ever evolving entities that must change as markets change, competitors innovate, search engine algorithms evolve and users become more educated; just like the brick-and-mortar side of a business. And active management of the website allows companies to do this in the most cost-effective ways. So once a website has been built (or rebuilt), the website metrics must be monitored to determine which areas of the site are most effective and which need to be improved.  Website usability must be continuously analyzed and improved and the website content should be updated frequently, in order to remain effective; both in terms of SEO and relevance.

 Website Analytics Setup and Monitoring

Website Analytics Setup and Monitoring are a critical part of website development and website management.  Without an analytics package to provide the basic data, there is no objective means of understanding how users are using the site and the revenue that usage is generating.  More importantly, where is no means of understanding where revenue is being lost or how to improve.  All effective online marketing relies on this type of data to help guide the changes that must be made and then how effective the changes are…read more about website analytics setup and monitoring

Website Usability Studies

Website Usability Studies are also an essential part of improving the effectiveness of a company website.  Great content that can’t be found or is frustrating for users to get to is as bad as poor content, and just as effective.  Continuously working to improve a website’s usability is how an average, or even good, site becomes a great site that significantly impacts the company’s bottom line… learn more about website usability studies

Website Updating

Website Updating should also be a continuous process.  Frequently updating a website tells the search engines that the information is more current and as a result they rank these sites higher in search results.  Website updates typically include the addition of content, features or functionality.  Websites that are simply posted on the server and then forgotten by a company are also quickly forgotten by search engines and, more importantly, potential customers… more about updating your company’s website and why it is important