Business Analysis

What is Business Solutions Consulting?

Every business needs to continuously improve productivity, cut costs, increase sales and revenue. In modern business, it is technology, and how well it is implemented, that determines a company’s long-term success. It is the role of the business solution consult to help identify and bridge the gap between the technologies that are available and the business’ needs.  Having an objective third-party perspective on a company’s processes, existing technologies (and how they are implemented) and business goals is essential to improving efficiency, expanding markets and increasing revenue.  Some of the more common solutions that we have helped companies develop and integrate include:

  • Automate and/or Streamline Critical Business Processes through the implementation of the appropriate Technologies (Online and/or Offline)
  • Develop Database-driven Solutions
  • Develop Business Intelligence Systems and Reporting
  • Develop Automated Inventory Control Systems
  • Develop, Implement or Integrate Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Develop Reservations & Appointment systems
  • Automate Reordering (from vendors and for clients)
  • Automate T1-2 Customer Service
  • Develop Loyalty and Retention Programs


The Next Step

The next step is to simply contact us for a consult.  Let’s sit down and have a conversation to see if our solutions and services are good fit for your business.  Spend 40 minutes with us discussing your companies goals with us and get an experienced and objective 3rd party perspective on potential solutions to improve your efficiency, increase market share and grow your revenue.
If it appears we’re are a “good fit” for your organization and needs, we will then spend time with you to learn your business goals, processes and technologies before to develop a baseline assessment.  We will also research your market and competitors to help determine an appropriate strategy. And after completion of the assessment we will develop business and marketing strategies and help your company implement them, usually in a staged approach where revenue generated from one phase support the development of the next; reducing risk and optimizing ROI.